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KIND Needs Your Help – Now More Than Ever

Since 1975, we have been helping make a difference in the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children and families from across Liverpool and greater Merseyside.

Though our region is improving in so many ways, we still have some of the poorest, most deprived areas in the UK and too many of our children still find themselves living in poverty and facing disadvantage on a daily basis.

They need our help now more than ever and with your backing we can inspire, empower and support them to create a better, more positive future.

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DSC_1794Our trip to KIND SEED centre was amazing! We learned lots whilst having fun. KIND is a very friendly place and all the staff made us smile and looked after us.  We had a best table competition at lunch time and my table won because we spoke quietly and ate all our food. Best table award is a good idea because it made us think about how we could eat healthy, keep tidy and not mess about. I loved the whole day and would love to go againLaura age 10



DSC_1249Our trip to KIND was not only fun it was also educational. We learnt all about materials whilst saving the eggs from the frying pans. We made parachutes, lifts, flying machines and boats and then we got to test them all. It was great! It was funny when Stephen Yip changed the words of a song to make it about eggs. All the staff were friendly and made us feel at home. The day was awesome! I hope we can go back again soon. Thank you KIND.” Sophie age 10